All about Coolmax@ and why wearing our socks

Coolmax is a moisture-wicking and breathable fabric that keeps your feet cool and dry. Created by DuPont Textiles & Interior in 1986 became an influential fabric technology used in the sportswear industry. Nowadays Coolmax is making its own spot in the streetwear market and we can find it in casual or underwear clothes, as well as in many high performance sports garments.

Unlike cotton, Coolmax improves breathability allowing sweat to evaporate quicker and keep your body dry and fresh. Designed with specialised fibre crossed sections engineered to channel moisture away from the body to the increased surface area of the fabric allowing for evaporative cooling and quick drying.

Our socks feature strategically placed Coolmax fabric in the areas were you sweat the most. This allows the sock to keep your feet cool and dry, helping to optimize performance and improve your comfort. Regardless your challenge,  Hoof socks feature high performance innovation for your daily needs. Have you not tried them yet? Check them out here

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